Studies in Whatevernessless

by graveolens
youtube: diproton

Editor’s note: This piece is described by the author as a work of “keyboard play”. The author used two esoteric keyboard layouts, “karovd” (mirrored dvorak) and “poiuyt” (mirrored qwerty), to type the piece from scratch. The author also provided this repo with the layout files.

smectic sprucing generalizing countryside abutments charging centralist
tendencies to isostatic resplendences or calcium muttering recollections
pondering pneumismatic ichneumon motilities or calcifications drifting
tenon tensioning generic chapterplane mpemba acrochordon notorious
pluckingly plectrum mothballing entropy spraying nominative vaporous
tension or mafic chinook kinestheticos to attempt dullly atrociously
silently symbolically arbitrary mutant star goat garnet decor,
avuncular unguent umbrage postsnarky genuflectional parturition
centromere tuning forgetful spasmodic medullary tension to restate
utter moduli space reperfusion or tendentious reminders to clavier
bakelite atropine clocking samarium pastry scholasticism mutterin
tension frond rebarbative vinculum mortalizing gneiss sopresata
accumulation repairing horocontenxt ablution engineering stromatalite
oxidation cleverly told domicile practicalities auscultation frond
notional cleavage or disorganized grapefruit fumaroles quaking
sententious or seditions albumen or clocking stereotactic
cnidarian ctenophore for chthonic acceleration rheophore appropriations
monumentalist schlage or surprising dentition retuning morose mechanical
meleleuca, a driftwood perplexification, dromes and drones in
coffee fenestrata, some marker or detail lachrymose and copacetic,
bathed in bricolage, to entangle, to fend, some febrile feckless
snarklarking scythean sisipheian ziziphus skylarking monodromy,
monodromio, abstractioning glyph rheophore candelabra some custard
relapsing repairing border stability amplified crustose merriment
provoking great alarum, a la alacrity refocusing normative,
prescriptions to circular impressions, a copal opal, a typeless
typhimurium, lostwithiel, accordion concordance disunities
retroreflecting evident station or abraded countryspallation,
quandaries, darmstadt, diligent terpsichorean antherism, asterisms
relay ichor or pungent punctualities, by the river, rife with
meritorious bombast, ripe with the squalene intermediaries or
laminated practical catastrophe phentermine adulations and
adumbrations, merit to manifent to persimmon bona fide flashy
apparatus consuming morraine nonads, orpiment clerestory forges,
fortify the flamingo, carotene surplus bovine verificationalist
stampedes bridging striations or plactic monoidal loopback
attenuation over capstone and signature fronds whew, whereas
the chatty lime mimes, and totes tomes. Critical
opalescence duress to durable promontory refrigeration,
flecks of irritated mud borne in on cackling glabrous chemistries,
abrupt piscine imagos, intaglio madrigal frittilary porch
penchants absquatulated mustard chimingly meretricious
and or vomitorious malfeasances aching, daisy stellation
foraminifera accellerating nickel plated chromium inserts or
vacuum vapor deposition, somnolescenct molecular beam
epitaxies, anoxic coteries of citationalist stimulation
magnify accumulation chem, chamfered grievingly vapor
rambunctiously stateless erratic cimetrodon dormition,
scalene, slippery, pachelbel priory priorly parlay vous
a la Snan Snangelcisco, summatory yesterday actioneering
gravid choriocytoma, nonlinearizing gematria capping
ventricular revestibulations, the kinesthetic clementine
acklins to umbrage, extents, echologue to refind, spines, spar,
fickle contractual misnavigation affricate sorghum
mundial proactive vector posit stirrup por favor or
for gator favorites flavorites, sprainingly gensyms
fromage monocle chess stemming centralist symbologies
accrete wood, frighten interior decor, yell postulatums
and old possum’s bloke of impracticable cats, smaller,
Culloden, Strathcona, Invercargill, articulatory
circulatory sarcomere copacetic bricolage or the
complementary Western Civilization’s lost it again!
uncial respective vomeronasal vehemences, cementing
galactosidase abridgements, tonorous, sonorous


allowing the laboratory frame fraught, aorist tensions
bedeckants or spirited cocycle coccidiosis in the
cocina, cocooning fenestral or cadastral spans,
afferent aqueous slipping famishingly underengineered,
fascinating patellar or phenomenological lastly,
psoriasis, reperfision or tare a positional itinerant
tsallis appellation surrounding gypsum moccasin
nagging free energy proclivities surrounding iatrophore
ecliptic anopheles or striational pandimensional
lavishingly labrador omerta or orestes, or oresme with
the disme, dismal disme, san dimas, pausing
intermediate dynamism merriment testy ebulliences
extrusion application, plated denaturing immersive
espadrilles, aconitate essent, aggregate opposition
aggressive parturition psilofuturist mythopoeiome
affective asperities supporting loquacious and
azeotropically discontiguous innovation for
topologically nontrivial invitations accusative
pasta anther lovings, prudent tentacular ranitidine
some flaxseed dimming establishing pruning facultative
aspersions to inspire to respire tn perspire to
Senegal, no potato seven potato five potato nine potato,
psittacosis, K’Veer, juxtapose contrariwise slick
kapton orbital lamellar rostrum lamina, algorithmic
cup product apollo stellate enchiridion stemming
gaspra geminga allotment testy pyrolisk kasteborous,
acclimating terrestrial lapland hierarchicalizing
foveal foliations snappy snood distancing gorgeous
saltpeter framework filigree accompaniment tomographical
pinion otter respighi animated demersal so dismal
packet savvy yesterday alignment overlapping
gurning falteringly pastoral or oxidative repression
subsampling tocatta alpha adsorbing allee escutcheon,
scalene promontories accents stentorian classical
lanthanum mystique compassinate electrically parsimonious
slippery contrivances slaloming gyrating fenestrations
or lithiated destinies, alas, spume contrails in a gunky
reexpression technical addendum missing the point tepid
tapir raster clancies sopping wet teffa agglutinative,
augmenting adhesive concord desultories allantoin


jentacular qualities sopresata ancillary cirrus sphagnum
montana archibald draping dapper stanchions, anopheles,
effecting glassy pallid droning garrulous swoffordships,
apparent tefillen, appreciation fencing generic clapping,
zymurgist stole eoan nabbing namaskar raster congruences
forward derechos, placating snooping gallimimus satraps
rewarding gneiss saltpeter respiration underfoot topology
assurbanipal laredo operculum musty colonnades sprinting
gaggles ol penchant temerities in timorous convalescnt
testudinate allotments particular entrances sparser than
napthalene fricasse or other adornments, rapid lapidaries
onerous sapling geriatrics sobrieties of somnolescent
semolina oppressing operatic oyster ras, adding
goniochromatic aposematism moccasin systolic psilopartition
or thematic redress sanctification or loquacious
dromedaries or the willowy millet of mallet trams,
transoms or cemetary cendances, ceterisms and asterisms
immoderately anthem, meristematicocracy to feedline
Nova Scotia advantages to simulated alluvial fecundities,
lochlan nacirema asthenospherical languishing or
prolegomena to mapmaking stents, or another careless
elevator topoisomerase irritatingly anechoic
decompositions ulterior rascal lastly troubling
satieties passing fenestratorial or sartorial
disaffinities and dissaffectation, or more concretery
disinterest for the shekel lining event driven
rerailing passive osteological saprophytes or
aggressive vestibular randomness safrole, monday
yendred alluringly ingress supposing fantabulous
athenian nacreous horizons activating esters and
aggressive standardization froward in
deterministic development tiling striations beckon
nobilities to cascade epistratus, stationary
rachis bombardment listlessly acorn nematic liquid
crystal lintel prolapsing plopping propositional
parakeet orthokeet tisdale some persuasive mint
condition conifers sapphire quavering activationalist
lastly atelier ranunculoid prorogued assurbanipal
lachesis or lachrymoseying saccades, sachet
alloforms accrete oleaginous sorrell solecismatic
artiodactyl lenticular raccoons, slippery river


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or peremptory facillitater-tots, egregious
pinning gappy isoclines asunder resuscitatingly
and reassuringly nonportable periphrastic abomasum
or flan ahimsa autonomically praseodymium moping
fan shaped dentition pasting pungent tassel
factory razing gelled dapple sparsities trod and
shod traditionalist normalizations appearing
phosphorescent tape sunrise accellerating
corolla inquisitive apple stenosis raffle plinth
spallation quenching lateral cellulase debalkanization
or enfolded coroplast stampede of desultory ochreous
sinter cast mold dalliances separations slow
and dependent taste receptors rerouting degaussing
trifecta agrumes spelling appalling sparring
garrulous and cantankerous sapphicities, glamorous
spirited denatured despondencies salps occurring
ruminatingly rustless listless sonorous soporific
somnabulist, somnolescent sonoluminescence,
assure francium mechanicalizing voracious clamato
questioning fencepost stanine glossary pinching fantastic
celeriac comestible elspeth sepal palette schematic
clammy panting gypsum morning pruning gnostic or
gnomonic compasses, serrated selecta, compacta,
composita, allergic spanning gesso surfaces positing
functorial lamella or Tocatta, massless prideless
acanthus safflower restitution fleeing canyon
stratigraphies foliatingly morose ambiguous deamplification
or ranchy, raunchy, dewar urticaria poriferous
manuscript tomographical listlessly wistful dromedary
pheremones retelling antimatter recollection or
normative eccentricities more immediately notable
contrivances reselect stents, tenons, occidental
lastly tonorities respiratingly annunciator repainting
repositioning quiescent template deinonychus scalene
scintilla remapping presumptuous barometric considerations
for derailed oppositional lastly lanthanide extrusions
transformations styling persistent stampeding stabilities
encoding intrinsic clerestory kernel licentiousness to
lastly parametrize affective voracious subshale
stochastic liniment trapezoidality arrestingly
nonobvious relaxation thimble stronger or
composite compartmentalizations relaying or
deamplification essential or socratic castlef


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entombed dalliances pore bearing stiction aorist
oblate or obligate endorsements endomorphisms atropine
et ceterist tabernaculum mopt departmental stratigraphies
splanchic cermet tessellation transference establishing
concrete convincing demonstrated dynamic clan, twinning
bolide tomographies deportment tension doppelganger
rapscallion or turgid abundances pareidoliac cagey
caftan hybridomas spawning egregious sponsorship
agreements or plectra, aigrettes, directory tension
nomenclature clathrate magnification strobing pasta pasttimes
sonnet teichanopsia calques, hapax legolas, homologies,
raspy aluminium mesophyll, pharyngula, ecliptic tarmac
canula, kandinsky, epaulets, sinigrin, testy toasty
aorist atelier accidental propositional asthenes waking
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testy apparatus stationery ink spectres, appomatox
inchhorn catalecticant irid drift-attenuant tent stake
smaragd-trappist stent, conglomerate, aggregate,
accretant, aorta, plop, rhythmic sintering antibody
yesterday aporia scar scabrous benthos bonito benthic
allergic ctenosis, magpie edentune frothy fractionated
demurring decry damsel sestina amorous amoled deleterious
and riotous, fasting eclosion eclair establishing
gorging cantellated fantabulous shining principal
fortifications vouchsafe cornucopia, fancies cotyledons,
strictures bolder wallaby, sartre, comparison stalactite
arrow dispersion raffia accelleration spittal, celestial
bonhomie missives, withering ebullient toasty
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systemic sarsparilla atonal lazily interrogate the
mean opprobrium, selecta apositionalizing, Interior
collagen smectic arrivals to provide detuning,
magnanimous scleral neutrino echoes, traipses to the
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inapposite, apostate, acrimonious acrylica, accidental
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pencil fiber tremolo szechuan naxas,


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alcohol lessening generating dalliances sephardic cholesky
factorization erratic plosive venial lastly aubergine hypothesis
or hypnotic eluctable eccentricities salps or conifer repairing
offerring poncho picnic cypra adorable erratic clinicalizing
atrocious samarium mnemosyne ephemeral lichen starry vantages
solely virtuous portentous troubadours sententious revising
clay straw amersham mantle espadrilles or foliatory pnictide
panels in frosty contrivances subsample subaltern nematode,
mirroring terroirific climatological lamentation or bolide
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quiescent temerities sleeping gneiss palomino strobing
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or mammal solfege like rinse-capstan-timbre estabishing
aberrant stirrup pemmican foundry pelagic cloning rascal
authorisation saponins less honorifics scant topological
taproot significances arrestingly pensive charybdis snooping
ictal laziness spry fenestratory acumen may eccentricise
roomy and lunatic occultists somniferous pimento tasty
vitalities apprehensively uffable orca alterities to
offering lapidary remonstrances or xeroacoustic affinities
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rotates semantic pungencies socratic templating tomfoolery
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possibly insane or obscene enteric clinamen radiolarian
namaskar ramirez zentropist starringly anechoic cassowaries
specialization or erring inimitably anoxic culminating astral
conker conway conveniences selachii impressionist stimulation
or yearsong gallimimus sestina promissory motionless sarsparilla
anodyne encabulatingly inferences wisecracking and dancing
gestational interlude or interrupting passive excruciatingly
nonobvious bypassing panniers or solfege listlessness
in practical all honker rigid deslunacies annealing
ataxic celestine monetization aggressive winnowing gesso ostrich
hypotenuse recollecting generalizations for striated
azide prolixities rotating argabuthon natrium mesothelioma
apparent or nonconditional seldom maintaining gassy emoluments
or sidecar attentionalites sapping bunching garrison
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fecundities relaying stringent tenebral lagging protracted
scansion notional redress spelling kakistonomic plenitude
or anopheles discongruities centrally recencies sudden sullen
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ambiguities sensor rappelling anterior parakeet stimulation
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parturition, parthenogenetic dilly-dallying gentle gerontocrat might
victuals or claimants in partial station to utter sanguine and saturnine
composites, preferentially leading astray the miffed or mellifluent
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versimilitude, vicissitudes, cermet recentralization like boron in
a strange oxidation state, mutable metaphor or recast anaphors in amphorae
spirited repositioning stalling glossy copy, retellings by mustard
bearded bards to accomplish the unguent refrosting of life,
the universe, and everything, well aren’t you a chatty normal mode
arbogast, the horticultural gardens in the proximity of Veraffo-Crunzayre,
or a motta from Maatuweyon, on, belayed periphrastic peroxidases
or plenary artiodactyl determinants resplending or languourous
laborous labor intensive redefinitions meristemocracy, mellifluent
peduncle lenticular arrighi, a fiducial contemporaneously order
of reexpression or notional discontiguities whereon nostril censure
would not parlay contrariana, les puyods, whatever Ebenezer Sensprutt
wasn’t bemoaning or editorializing in the Gravy Regions, your collection
of weeds requires at least a ruminant or eighteen litres of triflic acid
to cope with and aren’t we a smarmy snarky institutional review board
who is being accosted by aliens who are ridiculous rule followers and who
have paid off all the debts of the members of the irb so that they
can procede with their [hideous experiments on most but not all of

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